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Hey there.

I hope your ears are hungry. This here is The LoCast Network. It’s a podcast network connected to Locust Street Entertainment.

The LoCast Network is a podcast network based in Pittsburgh, PA. Started by Lance Parkin in October 2013; it is a conversational podcast network dedicated to bringing you engaging, interesting, and funny observations about the world around us.

But what truly makes a podcast worth listening to?
Here at The LoCast Network, we think it is the personalities behind them. That’s why, with nine great hosts, we offer you nine different perspectives.

Here on The LoCast Network we have not one, not two, but three great and unique shows. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for.

Let’s give it a try and see what’s fits your mood:

I want a podcast that interviews a new interesting person every week.

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Join Creators’ Cafe for chit chat and a cup of coffee with a different creative personality each week! We give tips and tricks for creative professionals and art enthusiasts with our house blend of comedy, interviews, and funny stories. Ruthy, Eric Swader, and Lance Parkin percolate creative juices with musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, actors and notable (and often humorous) creators of every stripe.

Listen in as we learn how to stay creative in a stiffing world, joke about the culture and science of art and peek into our guest’s life, mind, and creative process — all over a cup of coffee.

Creators’ Cafe posts every Monday on this website, Stitcher, and iTunes.

I want a podcast full of irreverent commentary on Pop Culture. 


It sounds to us like you’d be into The Pigroom: Enter for the pop culture and offbeat topics. Stay for the humorous insights of Matt and Lance: two creatively misunderstood iconoclasts ahead of their time. (Just wait; you’ll see!) Together, these twin souls fondly foray into American culture with funny fake movie pitches, bizarre anecdotes, and their own (often-ill fated) schemes and dreams. Whether bantering their way through a disturbing trivia list, or recounting their triumphs and tragedies in film-making, misadventure seems to be a consistent cosmic force for Matt and Lance.

If there’s one thing you’re meant to take away from The Pigroom, it is a feeling of wonder. Amazement. Quiet reverence. You will be conquered by the way these two old souls derive nuggets of divine, potent wisdom and pure comedic gold from the deep mines of American culture, ’90s lore, and their own bad decisions.

The Pigroom posts every other Tuesday on this website, Stitcher Radio, and iTunes.

I want a podcast that feels like having a drink with friends to get me through traffic and my workday.


Lucky for you, we have Chat Fancy. The punny name is not the only thing charming(corny) about this show. Four unique personalities: JoBeth, Lance, CJ, and DANGER MIKE get together every week and shoot the shit over a drink. To simulate the random nature of a night out with friends, our hosts pull topics out of their patented Chat in The Hat™  technology.  These topics range from pop culture to cryptids to personal memories to bizarre “Would you rather?” scenarios pulled from YOU, the internet.. The group also features new drinks in their weekly “Fancy a Drink?” segment.

Chat Fancy posts every other Wednesday on this website, Stitcher Radio, and iTunes.

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